Green infrastructure for better living

The 8th project meeting was hosted by Maria Quarta, Sarah Braccio and Luigi La Riccia from the Regione Piemonte.

On our first day we discussed the local pilot activities, each in a short presentation and Martina, Nuria and Christina introduced the final toolbox, which we then reviewed in small groups. Aurore and Alessandro presented the status quo of A.T3.2. We also did a final review on our publications "Discovering landscapes" and "Compendium" and discussed our digital activites within the project.

The second day was dedicated to visiting the local pilot of Turin. First we were given symbolic element handouts which functioned as frames for taking pictures. While discovering the local pilot area we got a lot of information not only from our direct project partners but also from external experts. In the afternoon we visited the beach of Turin and also the Meisino Park.

On our last day we talked about the agenda for the final conference and we discussed the closure of our project at the end of this year, particularly the financial management. We also got into depth about the continuation of the city network after LOS_DAMA! project ends. Manuelas and Karstens presentation to landscape approaches was very informative for everyone. Together with our knowledge partners we discussed the scientific contributions and conferences concerning LOS_DAMA!.