Green infrastructure for better living

The 5th project meeting was hosted by our observer Jürgen Faiss from the City of Zurich.

On our first day we conducted sessions on our local pilot implementation and the toolbox  for new ways of cooperative implementation (Work Package 1), on comprehensive landscape approaches and the forthcoming Job Shadowing (Work Package 2) and on Communication (Work Package Communication).

The second day was dedicated to the metropolitan region of the City of Zurich. A field trip to the Limmatauen and five expert talks gave enriching input that was discussed in five workshops afterwards. A beautiful Apero made our day!

On the third day an EU policy review and a workshop on good governance at the local level ( Work Package 3), an update on the forthcoming autumn school and the assessment framework on the local pilots (Work Package 4) as well as a mid term evaluation (Work Package Management) were conducted.

Impressions of the 5th project meeting in Zurich