Green infrastructure for better living

The City of Vienna and the neighbouring municipality of Gerasdorf are continuing activities to develop the landscape plan ‘Green Space Connection Bisamberg – Gerasdorf – Norbert-Scheed-Wald‘.

The landscape plan (technical review) was the first significant step for the subsequent action plan including implementation actions and measures. The planning process (duration: 8 months) was characterised by active participation and communication. To best involve stakeholders and citizens a 'greenspace conference', a workshop of ideas and a range of discussions with stakeholders was already implemented in 2017. This already intense collaboration was complemented with on-site actions, such as joint neighbourhood walks and site visits.

Another activity that took place on site was the discussion of the draft landscape plan with a variety of experts from local development planning, nature protection, agriculture, mobility, water conservation and environmental/contamination remediation. Citizens made important contributions and offered ideas for the landscape and action plan, taking on the role of "everyday experts". During a 2-day long ideas workshop they came up with ideas, desires and visions for the green space, such as the “Path of Generations”, "Birth-Forest” in which a tree is planted for every person born in the district, and an adventure playground.

First concrete measures in the local pilot area will be implemented during run-time of LOS_DAMA!.

As a first step in raising awareness and creating identity, a name for the pilot area was selected together with the population from Vienna and Gerasdorf. It was possible to vote online and in an information event. Most of the votes received Regionalpark "DreiAnger". Regionalpark "DreiAnger", as the area will be called in the future, means the villages which the regional park connects.

More information at: www.regionalpark.wien.at (in German)

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If you want to read more detailed information about the pilot in Vienna, please download the pdf listed below!