Green infrastructure for better living

In Slovenia's urban region of Ljubljana, the pilot area is Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park. It is shared by seven municipalities and is a pronouncedly multifunctional territory with settlements, economic activities and valuable natural and cultural heritage. Due to its location and attractiveness, tourism and recreation have been gaining importance in recent years, opening new challenges for future development.

The first steps in pilot activities implemented in the Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park  were focused on getting to know the territory and stakeholders. Given the topics – designated area, nature protection, green infrastructure strategy, and tourism and recreation – and the participatory approach – stakeholders come from various levels and sectors: Nature Park residents, farmers, visitors, public institutions at the local, regional and national level, regional development agencies and local action groups, NGOs. In order to frame the issues, spatial and local programme characteristics and their potentials for green infrastructure development at sub-regional level were analysed. Different maps of the wider pilot area were prepared presenting e.g. habitat types and actual land use, land ownership, areas of natural and cultural heritage protection, accessibility by public transport. To present the programme potentials of the area for recreation and tourism, existing attractive areas for leisure and recreation were mapped. Participatory activities were started by holding interviews with key stakeholders.


If you want to read more detailed information about the pilot in Ljubljana, please download the pdf listed below!