Green infrastructure for better living

The universities Technical University München, University Grenoble-Alpes and Eberhard-Karls University Tübingen unlock knowledge from our local pilots on peri-urban green infrastructure valorisation in close cooperation with practitioners. They facilitate learning processes and evaluate scientifically our processes and results.

The assessment framework

The assessment framework -  description

The assessment framework was created by the Technical University Munich. They developed a grid which was applied at the start of our pilot projects in order to see occuring challenges, barriers and approaches, with time it was further developed and will give general guidelines for the final toolbox.

Overview of scientific contributions

Our project was mentioned in several scientific contributions. Some from our university partners but also some external papers, those give an interesting view on our project, the results and the impact we are making within the progress of LOS_DAMA!.

The interim report

The interim report was created by Martina van Lierop, Aurore Meyfroidt and Corinna Jenal. They analyse and evaluate the implementation of our pilot projects on the local level in Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Ljubljana, Trient, Turin and Grenoble.

For further information about the interim report, the assessment framework or the overview, please download the pdfs listed below!