Green infrastructure for better living

Alessandro Betta from Comune di Trento and Linda Mertelmeyer from the City of Munich spent a week in Grenoble to take a closer look at the challenges of the city and the metropolis.

How do our neighbours deal with similar problems in open space development? How do our partners understand participation? Together we discussed and worked on many topics, sometimes in four languages, supported by hands and feet.

Lindas and Alessandros conclusion is: "It is incredibly valuable to look beyond one's own nose. We all have similar problems and challenges but different approaches to solving them - whether through different administrative structures or new trends. In some cases, our neighbours have gone through processes that we just started and we could learn to lean back and let the processes happen because the results are convincing. In other cases, the shadows from Munich and Trent surprised their hosts with innovative approaches. Last but not least, this creates a network of expertise across administrative borders that can be relied upon.