Green infrastructure for better living

Christina Stockinger from the City of Vienna spent a week in Salzburg to take a closer look at the challenges of the city and region of Salzburg.

The City of Salzburg is a city with many parallels to Vienna: like Vienna, it is one of the most liveable cities in the world, with strong cultural and tourist use, great importance as a congress location, high housing prices, strong links with the surrounding area and attractive recreational areas in the city and in the surrounding area. Due to the smaller population and the large amount of green space available in Salzburg, the need for new recreational areas or mutifunctional green spaces is much lower than in Vienna.
Based on the many local visits guided by the Office of Urban Planning and Transport and the participation in meetings it was possible to get an impression of the planning goals but also of the planning routine of the local city planning.

Christinas conclusion is: "The meeting with the Managing Director of the Regionalverband Salzburg Stadt und Umgebungsgemeinden (Regional Association of Salzburg City and Surrounding Communities) gave me interesting insights into the city-regional cooperation and the implementation of the inter-comunal green belt. Particularly valuable is also the ongoing exchange with SIR (Salzburger Institute for Regional Planning and Housing) regarding their local pilot project and their experiences with the implementation of an inter-communal compensation pool (Ecopool)."