Green infrastructure for better living

Enhance the “Ordinary” – How to strengthen everyday landscapes in Alpine city regions

Salzburg (AT), Munich, Freising (DE)
22nd – 29th of September 2018

The autumn school is an international and interdisciplinary event on peri-urban landscapes in the Alpine region. Graduate students, young researchers and other young professionals are invited to spark their ideas for the enhancement of these “everyday landscapes” at the doorsteps of Alpine metropolises. From all applicants 24 young professionals from the Alpine countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia as well as  from Poland, India, China, Russia, Hungary, Nigeria and Azerbaijan were selected.
As part of the EU-funded Interreg Project LOS_DAMA! and using the Salzburg and Munich regions as examples, the autumn school will draw, built and test tools for planning and governance of these “unspectacular” landscapes – together with local stakeholders and renowned scientists.

Kicking off with a warm welcome in Salzburg, the participants from the alpine region and beyond got together for the LOS_DAMA! International Autumn School. The first two days stood in focus of getting familiar with issues of green space development in peri-urban alpine regions. In Salzburg, local experts explained green space development projects and the accompanying processes. In Munich, the participants visited the Dachauer Moos, where local experts explained its historical development, the pressures on this landscape, and the successes and failures of safeguarding the area. After a workshop on communicative planning with examples of the City of Munich, the participants split in three groups to work the coming three days on a specific assignment. After six days of an intensive program, the final results were well received in a joyful atmosphere by a broad audience of project partners, local experts and academics. 

This video shows an outline of the process and results of the Autumn School: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1gWGDB19rw&feature=youtu.be