Green infrastructure for better living

Group C played a simulation game to gain insight about stakeholder conflicts in peri-urban alpine regions. The participants came up with a fictive though typical conflict situation. Analysing the actor constellations in Salzburg and Munich, group C had to translate those into a game that can be used by planning students and students from related professions to playfully gain an understanding for the peculiarities of and governance options for peri-urban landscapes. Based on this situation, stakeholders’ profiles, motivations and arguments were determined, which were played out through role-playing, and ultimately presented in a video

The main objective was not about to create a solution but to reflect and to get understanding of governance processes in their complicated mix of different interests and values. Central was the playful aspect: Participants can play through possible strategies and decision options and can take roles of actors without having to fear real consequences of their actions. The most interesting experience of the participants was the role taking and the playful adoption and defense of a point of view in confrontation with counterarguments.

By reflecting on the whole simulation process, the participants provided recommendations for planning practitioners how to deal with such stakeholder conflicts and how such simulation games can support landscape governance. The result was a curious and cheerful atmosphere and group dynamics.