Green infrastructure for better living

Networking is about connecting people. It is about building and nurturing relationships and trust, sharing information and experience, tapping into knowledge of others, learning about new cooperation opportunities, pooling resources, transnationalising mind-sets.

Experience in international project work proves close, trustful, and successful co-creation to be the best basis for interpersonal networks far beyond a project duration. Once you experienced reliable, skilled and knowledgeable colleagues throughout Europe and beyond you will keep them in your mind and contact them when you feel that their specific peer input is needed. It might even lead to lasting friendship. LOS_DAMA! adds to this experience.

LOS_DAMA! practitioners on the working level will stay connected via the LinkedIn Group “Landscape and Open Space Development in city regions” Interested Practitioners in and beyond the Alpine region are encouraged to join the network group and send us a. We use the platform to share our current and future work for Green Infrastructure for better living.

Our symbolic element

During our exchange we created the symbolic element "Frame your landscape" to raise awareness for the transnational dimension of LOS_DAMA! and our landscapes. We developed a postcard-size frame that displays a questions which participants have to answer by taking a photo accordingly. The symbolic element invites participants to reflect their landscape perception and detect common and different features of Green Infrastructure in the Alpine Space. In a playful way participants link peri-urban landscapes in different city regions of the Alpine Space. If you want to learn moer about our symbolic element or test it, you can dowload our transferable method!