Green infrastructure for better living

The City of Trento involves citizens for improving social and ecological connectivity and accessibility of peri-urban spaces as well as changing the common perception of these areas.

The City of Trento has focused its pilot activities on two distinct, yet related, activities.

  • For the first activity, the municipality issued a comprehensive map and database of agricultural activities in peri-urban areas, including not only professional farmers, but also public, private and community orchards. In collaboration with an external expert, this mapping has then been extended by including all abandoned or uncultivated plots of land. The map will be shared among different administrative bodies and stakeholders to raise awareness of the agricultural potential of peri-urban areas, to stimulate thoughts on the multifunctionality of such landscapes, and involve local associations and citizens in sustainable development initiatives.
  • A second activity by the municipality concerns the co-design of specific peri-urban areas and paths connecting the urban core with the periphery. To this end, the city is working with students from a local high school, who are rethinking an urban footpath on the eastern part of the city.



If you want to read more detailed information about the pilot in Trent, please find some documents below.