Mobility Ecosystem for Low-carbon and INnovative moDal shift in the Alps


Start-up description of the pilot project idea

The main focus of the pilot project is the enhancement of “Human-Powered Mobility”, adopting health as a leverage for driving people towards more sustainable mobility.

“Human-Powered mobility” refers to all the travels pursued without the aid of any motorised mean, namely by foot (walking, running) or by bike, but also by other “active” means like non-motorised scooters. Human-Powered mobility is a synonymous of active mobility, counter posed to passive mobility, that is usually pursued without the prominent physical effort by the traveller.

Pilot project challenges

Project is characterised by a high amount of individuals travelling by car and, as complementary figure, a low share of travels made by bike or foot. The main challenge is to convince people to shift to sustainable transport for health reasons, and not only for the usual environmental, economic or energy motives.

Main and specific objectives of the pilot project

The aim of the pilot project is to enhance active mobility in the Greater Lyon and Annecy areas, in order to increase the share of bicycling and walking in the citizenship modal choices.

Pilot project target groups

The general target population are Greater Lyon and Greater Annecy’s citizens, but the main focus of the pilot will be the employees of the GL and GA administrative bodies (a sample of which will be involved in Melinda App testing phase).

A sample of 100 people will be selected and followed during the project in order to make them:

1. Take part to the Health Check-ups (offered by AURA-EE and probably done at the local Hospitals)

2. Download the Melinda App and monitor their mobility practices during the testing phase of the app, while checking on their wellness and (through medical visits) their health improvement.