Mobility Ecosystem for Low-carbon and INnovative moDal shift in the Alps


Start-up description of the pilot project idea

Maribor is a city with a population of more than 100.000 inhabitants and represents the second most important political, economic, educational centre of the Republic of Slovenia (it is also the second biggest city). More than 50.000 person come to city centre every day (generally by car) and about 300.000 trips are made every day inside the city, only 9% of which is made by public passenger transport.

Pilot project challenges

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan recently approved, defined the main challenges of the city mobility needed to be tackled. Just after the need of maintenance and revitalisation of traffic infrastructure, on the second place, comes the poor offer of public passenger transport.

Main and specific objectives of the pilot project

Focus of Maribor pilot will be to improve the behaviour patterns of citizens in order to increase the use of sustainable means of transport (especially public transport, cycling and walking) by implementing soft measures (e-tool) tested by citizens. The introduced E-tool will help citizens to choose the most optimal mean of transport by integrating different information (location, timetables, travelling habits, carbon footprint).

Main pilot activities to reach the objectives:

  • Collection of existing data in the local context
  • Field analysis of people’s needs
  • E-tool development/adaptation to local needs
  • E-tool testing
  • Introduction and promotion of e-tool between different stakeholders

Pilot project target groups

The end users interested by Maribor Pilot are members of the general population living in the city, especially employees of the municipality, public companies and university who are among the biggest employers in the city. The aim is to reach the broadest part of population possible, in particular commuters (for working reasons) in order to test their travelling habits and to show them advantages of different use of transportation: for citizens (comfort, safety, health) and for environment (lower negative influence on the environment, carbon footprint). We also want to raise awareness among Maribor citizens about the consequences of their own choices regarding the selection of means of transport for the environment.

Connector persons for our end users are head of departments, mayor and people in management positions in municipality, university and public companies.