Smart Specialisation with Smart Clusters

Piedmont Region - Directorate Competitiveness of Regional System Department University, Right to Education, Research and Innovation

Associated to PROPLAST, it gives a follow-up on the collaborative, cross-regional process intensifying innovation and technology transfer within clusters and on the joint transnational cluster action plans establishment to facilitate cross-regional cooperation. Thus, the Piedmont Region supports the regional cluster Proplast in the creation of new regional cooperation model.

Website: http://www.regione.piemonte.it/governo/org/A19.htm

Ministry for Economy, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg

Associated to VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbHClusterAgentur, MW is involved in all project activities that are directly related to policy activities. MW actively participates in WP 1 Stress Testing and S3 Benchmarking. It is interested in mutual policy learning activities resulting in better alignment of S3 of Alpine Region partners. The establishment of a synchronised scheme will result in better framework conditions for innovation.

Website: https://wm.baden-wuerttemberg.de/de/innovation/cluster-politik/

Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW)

Associated to Innovation and Technology Transfer Salzburg GmbH, it aims to collaborate as policy learning laboratory. Since the project partners are policy partners, it will connect national policies with practical co-operation and compare Alpine and ERA dimension. It connects to national S3, EC and OECD co-op and informs the multi-level-governance dialogue platform with regions & STI stakeholders. It complements policy initiatives aiming to mobilising the science sector, activating science-business cooperation.

Website: http://www.en.bmwfw.gv.at/Seiten/default.aspx

Regional Government Office of the Land Salzburg, Department Economy, Tourism and Municipalities

Associated to Innovation and Technology Transfer Salzburg GmbH, DETM is interested in acquiring knowledge how to best implement the strategy, improving knowledge about monitoring and gaining experience in how to assess results. DETM coordinates the implementation of the S3 and is the link between the political and the implementing level. Therefore, all target groups can be addressed but there is a specific interest in policy learning from WP T2.

Website: https://www.salzburg.gv.at/

Bourgogne Franche-Comte Region

Associated to the University of Franche-Comte, the Region is interested in the project outcomes concerning the public policy for sustained economic activity. The region brings knowledge of the important political and administrative issues for S3 deployment in France.

Website: https://www.bourgognefranchecomte.fr/

Finlombarda Spa

Associated to Cluster Technologies for Smart Cities & Communities Lombardy Foundation, Finlombarda, in its role of Regional development agency, assists the Regional Government in the creation and operation of an Open Innovation initiative and platform, with the aim to support the S3 deployment in regions where clusters play a primary role.

Finlombarda shares its experience on the open innovation initiative of Lombardia, with a specific focus on the added value provided to the regional cluster policy. It also provides information on the regional technology cluster initiative.

Website: http://www.finlombarda.it/home

AREA Science Park

Associated to the Autonomous Province of Trento, AREA is the main public Italian multi-sectorial STP. On behalf of FVG Region, it coordinates the regional research bodies, the Open Innovation System and is partner of the national technological clusters. Our interest in the project focuses S3 driven innovation.

It shares knowledge with their stakeholders across EU and IPA countries in the development of innovation approaches & methodologies based on S3 convergence at macro-area level. It also delivers inputs to policy makers in FVG Region.

Website: https://www.areasciencepark.it


REGIO Augsburg Wirtschaft GmbH

Associated to Bavarian Research Alliance Ltd, REGIO is interested in S3-4AlpClusters tools & services for practical innovation system design & transnat. networks. REGIO was lead partner & case study region of a Fed. Ministry project & established a strategic alliance of RIS stakeholders & a transfer network. Hence, it brings specific operational local perspective & refine the multi-level perspective of S3-4AlpClusters. It participates in key events, contributes to the debate, and transfers project results to the region’s innovation system.

Website: http://www.regio-augsburg-wirtschaft.de/

Development Agency FDA

Associated to HES-SO//FR HEIA-FR - INNOSQUARE CLUSTERS, it participates actively in its kick-off meeting, entrepreneurship workshop, project meetings, and final conference. It is interested in proving that the innovation model has a real impact on a business cluster companies and in learning how other regions implemented their S3.

Website: http://www.fr.ch/dee/en/pub/index.cfm