Sustainable Mobility Behaviours in the Alpine Region

Koper, Slovenian national workshop

On 18.9.2019  the Municipality of Koper organised the event »Let’s become and stay mobile« with the aim of promoting of sustainable mobility, presenting the importance of healthy lifestyle for health and how changing of mobility habits can positively influence wellbeing of each individual.

After the event, the participants were invited for a healty snack in the olive park next to the building of the Municipality of Koper and FREE TEST OF ELECTRIC BICYCLES, as a possibility of sustainable mobility in everyday life.

The report, including an agenda and evaluation, is available for download.

Salzburg, Austrian national workshop

The first National Workshop in Austria took place on 9th April 2019 in Salzburg, organized by Research Studios Austria - Studio iSPACE and the City of Salzburg. At the beginning of the event with the title "Inspiring, fostering and planning sustainable mobility" the stakeholders got some insights in the planned pilot cases in Salzburg and Munich as well as already existing best practices in the Munich Area. Additionally the role tools can play when dealing with a topic such as mobility and decision making was illustrated.

After a short coffee break the whole group was invited to work together on 3 questions. The session was moderated and the results were pinned down on flip charts.

How can behaviour change measures and incentives look like?

What impacts of behaviour change measures are relevant for planning tasks?

How should a tool for decision support on incentive measures look like?

To learn more about the presentations given, click on the titles below:

MVV: Anreizsysteme für die Nutzung der nachhaltigen Verkehrsmittel

iSPACE: Simulation von verkehrspolitischen Maßnahmen mittels geographischer Information

iSPACE: Nachhaltige Mobilität inspirieren, fördern planen: Das Projekt SaMBA

Smart City Salzburg: Nachhaltig mobil - Anreizsysteme für die Anwohner der Stadt Salzburg - Pilotaktionen



Turin, Italian national workshop

The Italian National SaMBA Workshop, Sustainable Mobility Behaviours in the Alpine Region, was held on Thursday 11th April in Turin. The event was attended by over 70 people representing the various sectors related to the world of transport: public officials, transport agencies, trade associations, universities and research bodies, associations involved in the field of mobility and other stakeholders.

The workshop developed into a plenary session, in which the strategies to identify alternative solutions to the use of private cars and to promote conscious mobility behaviours have been highlighted, and in three focus groups focusing on three areas of mobility: Metropolitan Cities, Alpine Cities and Mountain Areas.

Focus groups made it possible to gather, through a participatory approach, important indications that, starting from the direct experience of involved subjects, have identified problems, needs, target groups and possible interventions.

A final plenary session closed the workshop, by reporting focus groups results in order to highlight peculiarities and possible synergies in terms of needs and strategies.

A detailed final report (EN/IT) and the presentations held are available below:

Outcomes of the workshop

Esiti dei Lavori

Regione Piemonte: Il progetto SaMBA

LINKS Foundation: MUV

LINKS Foundation: Cambiarei comportamenti

Regione Piemonte: Piani e strategie di Regione Piemonte per la mobilità sostenibile

Regione Piemonte: Il progetto e-MOTICON

Autrans-Méaudre-en-Vercors, French national workshop

The first French Workshop took place in Autrans-Méaudre-en-Vercors, in March 2019. Organised by the 2 French partners (PNR du Vercors, Département de l’Isère), this transverse event was subject to a busy (but highly interesting) program.

On the first afternoon, after a brief introduction by the Presidents of the two public authorities, the participants were invited to go through different activities. A 20 minute ice-breaker made everyone talk to each other, then a concise presentation of five interesting projects concerning the SaMBA topic was organised: rewards for car-poolers accessing a music festival, discount on highway fees for carpooling commuters, or incentives for getting rid of one’s car...

The next time was dedicated to providing knowledge on the global topic of behaviour change. The presentations of two specialists (a sociologist and a behavioural psychologist) aimed to explain in detail the process of behaviour change. Applied to mobility issues, these contributions lit up the pitfalls of decades of mobility public policies.

Then a movie about driving behaviours and attachment to cars has then been projected in the evening, after which everybody deserved a good night of sleep.

The day after was dedicated to work on mobility cases, in small groups. Five profiles had been set up for participants to work on. Imagination then joined accurate ideas…

After a good lunch made with local products, everybody rushed into the shuttle back to Grenoble.

To learn more about the presentations given, click on the titles below:

mountainwilderness: Changer d'approch

Festival Le Grand Son: COVOITURAGE récompensé

ATMB: Je covoit'

Je plaque ma caisse

citiz: Ma chère AUTO

Anaïs Rocci: Changer les comportements de mobilité: quels leviers?

Xavier Brisbois: Changer les comportements de mobilité

Munich, German national workshop

The first national workshop in Germany was held in Munich in February 2019, organized by Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund and Climate Alliance. The event entitled "Mobilität im Wandel" (Mobility in transition) aimed to bring together stakeholders of the sustainable mobility transition and representatives of local and regional public authorities.

During the workshop, six expert inputs set the stage for the discussions, which took place in a World Café. Participants were given the opportunity to choose between three out of five topics ranging from 'Incentives of behaviour change', 'Innovative solutions for rural regions' and 'Simulation tools for mobility policies'.

To learn more about the presentations given, click on the titles below:

Municipality of Heuweiler: Mitfahrinitiative - Orangener Punkt

County of Fürstenfeldbruck: Mobile Wundertüte

Green City: Mobilitätsverhalten ändern - gute Beispiele

iSpace: Simulation von verkehrspolitischen Maßnahmen

City of Munich: Mobilitätsmanagement in Lebensumbruchsitutaionen