Sustainable Mobility Behaviours in the Alpine Region


  • Podcast: Understanding e-mobility user behaviour and designing effective policies

    Tune into this online learning podcast on understanding how user behaviors and effective incentives facilitate the implementation of e-mobility and sustainable mobility options by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

  • Results of SaMBA's transnational workshop available

    The results of SaMBA's transnational workshop, which took place in October 2019, are now available. The summary produced focuses on our participants' experiences in reward policies and gives valuable insights into best practices from various Alpine countries. The summary is available here.

  • Enhancing sustainable mobility in two building projects in the City of Salzburg, Austria

    How is our Austrian pilot in Salzburg advancing? Which steps are taken to think new building projects and sustainable mobility together? Let's find out!

  • Must read: Changing views, changing thoughts, changing behaviour - towards more sustainable mobility

  • Working at the hospital and going without driving: News from the Province of Padova

    The Italian project partner Province of Padova started exploring the mobility habits of hospital workers and visitors early this year. A survey was conducted to identify potential for change. The results are now available!