Sustainable Mobility Behaviours in the Alpine Region


  • Interreg article: The European Green Deal going local in the Alpine Space

    The Interreg article 'The European Green Deal going local in the Alpine Space' gives an overview of how the Green Deal will effect the Alpine Space and how already existing initiatives like the SaMBA project already contribute to the goals set out in the document by the European Commission.

  • SaMBA Video and Photo Competiton Open for Submissions

    The SaMBA project has officially launched its own video and photo competition on sustainable mobility. Submissions can be made now until 31 of March 2021.

  • Application of Effective Models of Introducing Sustainable Mobility in the Rural Areas of Slovenian Istria

    Inspired by the various approaches to trigger mobility behaviour change in the SaMBA project, the Slovenian region of Istria decided to test and study the aforementioned options for their usefulness in Šmarje, a village close to the city of Koper. A summary of the transferability of approaches is available.

  • SaMBA Infopoint at Giro d'Italia in Monselice (Padova)

    On Friday 16 October, on the occasion of the arrival in Monselice - Padova - of the "Giro d'Italia" cycling race, the Province of Padua was present with an Infopoint where promotional materials relating to the European Union, programs, the strategies and the various projects realized thanks to the European calls.

  • SaMBA Mobility Competition launched and open for participation

    The SaMBA consortium has launched a video and photo competition on sustainable mobility. More information available soon.