Sustainable Mobility Behaviours in the Alpine Region


  • Simulation of policy impacts: Report on user needs published

    The new report available summarizes user needs as collected and defined the SaMBA national and transnational workshops for an impact simulation tool.

  • Interview: Cycling on the political agenda!

    The county of Emmendingen in Baden-Württemberg is taking part in CITY CYCLING this year for the second time as a pilot study in the Interreg Alpine Space Project SaMBA. In the upcoming cycling period in the summer of 2020, the county and many of its municipalities will be cycling for a better climate at the same time as their French partner municipalities from Alsace. On the occasion of this campaign we asked Philipp Oswald, climate protection manager of the county of Emmendingen, a few questions. Find out what impact the cycling campaign had on mobility behaviour and politics in the county.

  • Mobility in touristic areas in Slovenia

    What is planned for the two pilots in the touristic Gorenjska region in Slovenia? Find out below!

  • Evaluation of the cycling campaig 'CITY CYCLING' in our pilot County of Emmendingen

    Climate Alliance conducted an evaluation to get an understanding of the impact of the cycling campaign CITY CYCLING on mobility behaviour in the County of Emmendingen.

    Das Klima-Bündnis hat eine Umfrage ausgewertet, die Aufschluss darüber geben soll, welchen Einfluss die Radfahrkampagne STADTRADELN auf das Mobilitätsverhalten der Mitradelnden im Landkreis Emmendingen hat.

  • Podcast: Understanding e-mobility user behaviour and designing effective policies

    Tune into this online learning podcast on understanding how user behaviors and effective incentives facilitate the implementation of e-mobility and sustainable mobility options by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.