Sustainable Mobility Behaviours in the Alpine Region

Reports on Reward and Pricing Schemes

SaMBA's goal is to test rewards and pricing schemes in mobility for the impact on behaviour and their potential to trigger changes. To this end, project partners are developing a tool which supports public authorities in the design of these schemes.

The report on the methodology of co-creation explains the tool and how it can be used.

Furthermore, the SaMBA project supports public authorities looking for effective incentives by providing this extensive overview report on behaviour change theory and the use of rewards for long-term behaviour change. Pilot case findings will be added to the report by June 2020.


Best practice report: Behaviour change policies

This report collects lessons from the best international experiences on mobility change behaviour policies to elaborate a common method to analyse and compare different case studies, in order to support the implementation of the nine SaMBA Pilot Cases in five Alpine Space countries. It focuses on the most important points for behaviour change policies implementation such as citizens/stakeholder engagement, reward/pricing schemes, costs benefits, barriers/solutions, territorial cultural peculiarities.

Collection of best practices of behaviour change policies

SaMBA Project Poster and Leaflet

The communication material developed for SaMBA contains a project poster, which is used during public events to increase visibility of the project and to create interest in mobility change.

In addition to the poster, a project leaflet with key messages and pilot areas was developed to give more insights into the SaMBA project.