Scale up your SME in Europe!

WP1 – IDEA – Policy Community Enhancing and Capacity Building

WP1 – IDEA – Policy Community Enhancing and Capacity Building

WP1 aim is strengthen partners practical knowledge improve their capability to grow local business-led start up ecosystem, along RIS3 strategies. WP1 will rely on Startup Genome method and other know how, with peer learning. Partners will share

success stories and data for online representation, run community quality analysis, define scale up sectors to concentrate on. AS scale up Action group and plan activated, training defined (WP2), pilot services designed (WP3), validation model  agreed(WP4)

- Deliverable D.T1.1.1 Start up/scale up policy assessment tool: 


- Deliverable D.T1.2.1 Local start up ecosystems and best practices in AS – Handbook – EN Version:


- Deliverable D.T1.2.2 AS Start up /scale up support SWOT Analysis:


- Deliverable D.T1.2.3 Policy intervention selection and action plan: