Scale up your SME in Europe!

WP2 LAUNCH –Policy Model definition & Intervention plan

Scaling a start-up community first implies mapping it.In order to reduce fragmentation and introduce inclusiveness as key pillar of a vibrant start-up ecosystem.Activities:develop training/policy building programs,identify/train stakeholders on scaleup needs/obstacles;circulate/share knowledge with local industry on innovation sourcing via start-ups;train start-up&stakeholders on lean grow method;mentor decisionmakers;facilitate business-academia mobility and talent or manager relocation in AS.

- Deliverable D.T2.1.1 Start up Ecosystem Canvas model (local and Alpine): 


- Deliverable D.T2.2.1 Technical training on scale up growth /funding, Ecosystem Canvas, innovative public procurement: 


- Deliverable D.T2.2.2 Public-private Leadership development camp +alpine ecosystems Conference: