Scale up your SME in Europe!

WP 3- PILOT Scale-ups Support Services

Scale-up companies are major contributors to local Alpine economies. They act as role models and trade partners for other local businesses, as attractive workplaces for young talents and net wealth generators. The aim of this WP is to enhance scale-up public support-services building competitive advantage and win regional leadership.To this end, this WP is built around 4 activities allowing to 3 pilot-services schemes for at least 4 Alpine-Space regions considering WP1&2results.

- Deliverable D.T3.1.1 1 e.handbook on scale-ups support schemes & 3 SMART full-fledged pilot-schemes:


- Deliverable D.T3.3.1 60 scale-ups support schemes evaluation report


- Deliverable D.T3.3.2 1 assessment report & digital promotion by 20 scale-ups users


- Deliverable D.T3.3.4 1 1 Alpine scale-ups schemes sustainability strategy