Scale up your SME in Europe!

Alpine Scale up Network


Alpine Scale Up Network: It takes an ecosystem to scale up business

“Scaleup firms are the key driver of job creation and economic impact in every country and region. These companies help their ecosystems grow larger, creating a virtuous cycle of further scaleup creation.” -Startup Genome


Fostering the attraction, establishment and growth of scaleups is essential for the economic development of any ecosystem. Cities and regions more and more deal with strategies on how to help startups not only to arise but to grow rapidly by providing the best framework conditions.


Access to talent, access to new markets, and access to finance are needed by start ups to grow. One of the goals of the EU project Scale(up) Alps project - a pilot case for regional innovation – is to establish and create a Scale up public support network, enabling business to find the right solution to: access to finance, access to talent, access to markets and access to proper infrastructure to scale their business.

The Alpine SCALE UP NETWORK is composed of institutional partner’s, the backbones of the network, which signed a Memorandum of Understanding, engaging concretely in supporting Scale ups.


The wider Network is composed of member signing up the SCALE UP ALPS MANIFESTO, an engagement document which draws conclusions and proposal for economic growth in the Alpine space thanks to the findings of Interreg Alpine Space SCALE(up) ALPS Project. The 5 proposals are aimed at helping Alpine startups to scale and are related to the different “stages” which represents a start-ups/scale up development path