Scale up your SME in Europe!

Policy Model on local & alpine ecosystem acceleration


Policy model on local & alpine ecosystem

Scaling up companie implies defining specific policies to enable sustainable and steady business growth. Regional policies could benefit from specific approaches scale up streamlining through patterns which are typical of Scale up Ecosystems.

Many frameworks and approaches for scaling up businesses in Europe have been developed and tested in recent years. The basic document for the analysis of Policy Models to support Scaleups in the Alpine Region is the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan (2010). It formulated comprehensive support of the EU start-ups in three action pillars:

  • Entrepreneurial education and training to support growth and business creation;
  • Creation of environment where entrepreneurs can flourish and grow;
  • Role models and reaching out to specific groups.


This Policy model Constitutes comprehensive European approach on the Alpine Space level as outcome of the Scaleup Alps project to Startup/Scaleup support with meaningful existing and new policies that need ingenious implementation in the Alpine Region to support scaling processes of the European Startups. This document has been produced within the frame of the Scaleup Alps project, funded by the Alpine Space INTERREG Programme of the European Commission. The specific aims of this document are to examine the perspectives of Scaleup founders and managers regarding concepts of ‘scaling up’ and ‘scalability’ in the context of the Alpine Space regional development, generate an agreed definition of ‘scalability’ and identify intervention and research design factors perceived by Scaleup founders, managers and policy-makers to increase the likelihood and potential for interventions to be implemented on a more widespread basis within the Alpine Space. The final goal is eventually to launch concrete Scale Scale up Support policies  giving proper recognition to “champions”.