Sensor Assisted Alpine Milk Production

Intellectual property rights, Project results, Information and communication activities

(1) All products (material and intellectual) that derive from the project will be the joint property of all project participants. Consequently, each project participant shall grant a simple, non-exclusive right of use of any produced work of authorship to all other project participants. Concerning small scale investments made by the LP or a PP the project participants shall agree beforehand on the conditions for its use after project end (e.g. by taking a decision in the project steering group).

(2) The project participants ensure that any outcome and result produced during project implementation can be used by all interested persons and organisations free of charge. Moreover, the PP will support the LP and play an active role in any actions organised by the programme to disseminate and capitalize on project results.

(3) The project participants shall carry out all information and communication activities in accordance with the relevant European Structural and Investment Funds Regulations, the rules set by the ASP project implementation handbook, the provisions of the subsidy contract and the project AF. These activities shall be coordinated by the LP.