Sensor Assisted Alpine Milk Production


  • Successful installation of sensors in Slovenia

    The delayed installation of sensors and infrastructure in Slovenia a month ago was successfully completed. Each Slovenian partner get infrastructure and 5 sensors. The data will be stored locally on SSD connected to the USB port of the GW. In case the partners sucssed to provide reliable internet connection for the GW, we will try to establish remote connection to the GW and perform the settings on it, neceseri for sending the information direcktly to the SESAM server.

  • The SESAM project poster

    The final version of the SESAM project poster, design by UL partner.

  • Analysis of sensor device from the small pilot

    In the small pilot sensor systems to record cow data (acceleration and audio) were attached over some weeks to several cows in different countries. These units were equipped with batteries which allow an operation of at least 40 days. After the recording period the collected data was read out from  the  SD  card  of  the devices.
  • Lectures in the context of the DLQ General Assembly on 08 and 09 May 2019 in Strasbourg - Schiltigheim

    DLQ General Assembly 2019 in Strasburg-Schilingheim

    German Association for Performance and Quality Testing e.V.
    /Deutscher Verband für Leistungs- und Qualitätsprüfungen e.V./

  • Newsletter April 2019

    As the year goes on, the SESAM project made considerable progress, which is to be presented in the new newsletter edition for April 2019. Again, we can welcome new members in the project team and present some of the farms, which were part of the testing network in the project.