Sensor Assisted Alpine Milk Production


  • Big Pilot Infrastructure Installation - CAA farm 1

    The first installation at a farm. 

  • Meeting of Standardization Group in Stuttgart

    The aims of this meeting were to agree on the graphics to be developed in the sesam tool for the big pilot. Therefore we had a presentation of existing graphics from other sensor manufactures and made a proposal of several graphs for the sesam tool. 

  • Successful installation of sensors in Slovenia

    The delayed installation of sensors and infrastructure in Slovenia a month ago was successfully completed. Each Slovenian partner get infrastructure and 5 sensors. The data will be stored locally on SSD connected to the USB port of the GW. In case the partners sucssed to provide reliable internet connection for the GW, we will try to establish remote connection to the GW and perform the settings on it, neceseri for sending the information direcktly to the SESAM server.

  • Meeting of Standardization Group and Development Group in Villingen

    We had another meeting at the Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft in Villingen with participants of the LKV-BW and HS. 

  • Meeting of Standardization Group in Munich

    Meeting at the LKV Bayern for data exchange implementation.