Smart Altitude

Alpine winter tourism territories demonstrating an integrated framework for a low-carbon, high-impact and resilient future


  • Smart Altitude present at the AlpWeek Intermezzo

    The Smart Altitude WebGIS was preented at the AlpWeek Intermezzo in Innsbruck on 4 April 2019 

  • Les Orres / Smart Altitude meets the French National Energy Regulatory Commission

    On 8 February 2019, Les Orres were invited by Flexgrid, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region initiative on smartgrid conducted by Capenergies, to meet Didier Lafaille, special adivser of the French energy regulatory commission (CRE).

  • OCOVA 2019 forum in Les Orres

    The 15th French edition of the OCOVA annual forum was held in Les Orres on January 9 2019. The forum is dedicated to Smart mountain territories, with a specific focus on 4 pilars of mountain development: Energy, Mobility, Attractivity and Tourism housing.