Digital Innovation to meet Alpine social & economic challenges

Digital Innovation to meet Alpine societal challenges and strengthen the modernization of the Alpine Space Industry

The task identifies main elements for strengthening the digitisation processes by SMEs in the Alpine Area. Particularly, some specific themes, the Alpine peculiarities and innovation processes will be identified for the AS eco-system to meet Industry 4.0’s challenge,  create employments & growth. A summary report in line with the main EU, transnational and regional analysis and strategies will provide concrete instructions for the approach to SMEs, Intermediaries and Innovation Stakeholders.

Smart Technologies to improve AS SMEs competitivess

The task will develop both an analysis of SMEs' needs and awareness campaigns with regional events  opened to all SMEs to increase their knowledge on digital technologies potentials,  the added value for their innovation processes and the entrepreneurial opportunities from their application. The on-line survey collects information on SMEs needs,  checks SMEs' attitude to smart technologies and their involvement within the project with a special focus on the selected industrial sectors.

Intermediaries to strengthen the digitisation of AS SMEs

The task aims at the involvement of the intermediary organizations (public and private organization in charge to assist SMEs: Clusters, Chambers of Commerce, Technology Parks, Sectoral Agencies, R&TT agencies, etc) to analyse their competence and attitude on smart technologies, to identify a list of competences ("digital support operator" profile) required and to be provided with training actions and to set up of local networks of intermediaries for the project activities.

The Digital Single Market and smart technologies for AS growth

The involvement and the coordination of a huge list of initiatives carried out by Authorities on Industry 4.0 and smart technologies for SMEs is crucial to create a common understanding and approach for the Alpine area. The task looks at policies, strategies, experiences to set-up cooperation platforms with Regional Authorities, Innovation stakeholders,  cross-sectoral agencies and departments. As result, a cooperation scheme linked to the EUSALP strategy and the S3 platform will be developed.