Digital Innovation to meet Alpine social & economic challenges

  • Pilot actions addressed to SMEs and Policy Makers

    The Pilot actions addressed to SMEs within the Smart Space project aim to strengthen their innovation processes promoting SME's knowledge on a specific digital subject, such as IoT, Clouds, Big Data, Robotics, 3D Printing. etc.  These actions are followed by matching and pitching events with digital  SMEs. We plan to involve 300 SMEs in 11 regional pilots. The Smart Space platform is the tool devoted to supporting the transnational cooperation to generate new ideas and joint cooperation.

  • Operator Training in Baden-Württemberg

    The first part of the operator training course for intermediaries was conducted during the “DeepTech4Good” event in Stuttgart. 

  • Operator Training courses for Alpine intermediaries

    In the Smart Space project, specific attention is devoted to learning actions addressed to Intermediary organizations, in order to prepare Digital Support Operators and promote cross-fertilization actions addressed to managers from traditional and digital clusters for better cooperation, exchange of knowledge and preparation of joint ideas and project. 

  • Pilot Actions for Policy Makers and Innovation Stakeholders in Austria

    On November 21st 2018, the first Austrian pilot action for policymakers and innovation stakeholders took place in Graz at the Styrian Business Promotion Agency (SFG). The workshop was organized to exchange knowledge and strengthen cooperation between different stakeholders. The participants talked about the SMART SPACE project and the performance of the SMART SPACE HUB and tried to find solutions how traditional and digital SMEs can be connected. Furthermore, the participants were asked for their input on how to create a strategic partnership within the Alpine Space area. 

  • Hacking Industry Camp 2018

    Grand E-nov is partner of this creativity hackathon involving start-ups, students and companies.