Digital Innovation to meet Alpine social & economic challenges

  • Pilot Actions for SMEs

    SMART SPACE Matching Event in Vienna, Austria: “Digital Change and HR”

    Skills shortage is a huge problem for SMEs today. Companies fight to sustainably fill positions with qualified employees. But what can be done against this problem and how can digitalisation help to find employees with the necessary skills or to train them accordingly?


  • Smart Space Operator Training Course in Baden-Württemberg:

    Technology Transfer: Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality for traditional industries.

  • Smart Space Matchmaking in the light of VR/AR technology

    Design Thinking workshop with SME and technology providers in Stuttgart

  • A&T Fair: Industry 4.0, Testing and Measurements, Robotics, Innovative Technologies

    Smart Space will be present at the A&T Event in Torino on 13th-15th February 2019. 

  • Operator Training Course in Austria

    A very important part of the SMART SPACE project are the training activities for intermediary organizations organized by the consortium.