Digital Innovation to meet Alpine social & economic challenges

Project results



​D.M.2.1 Technical Commitee Meeting Minutes
D.M.3.1 Steering Committee Meeting reports  27/02/2017
D.M.3.1 Steering and Technical Committee Meeting reports   13-14/06/2017
D.M.3.1 Steering and Technical Committee Meeting reports   28/09/2017
D.M.3.1 Steering and Technical Commnitee Meeting reports  3/12/2018 

D.C.4.1 - Social networks communication action plan

D.T1.1.1.  Report to analyze the contribute of Digital Technologies to meet AS societal challenges
D.T1.1.2  SWOT analysis concerning the potential contribute of Digital Technologies for the economic growth, employment and investments in AS
D.T1.1.3  Minutes of the expert workshop
D.T1.1.4  Digital Technologies, societal challenges and entrepreneurship in Alpine Space 
D.T1.2.1. Benchmarking Report
D.T1.2.2. Report on regional events for SMEs
D.T1.2.4  Summary Report
D.T1.2.3. Report on online survey
D.T1.3.1. Benchmarking report
D.T1.3.1. Success stories
D.T1.3.2. Thematic Workshop
D.T1.3.3. Competence analysis
D.T1.3.4. Summary report
D.T1.4.1. Benchmarking report concerning the policy contributes to digitalise AS industry
D.T1.4.3 Summary report: Concept to promote cooperation among AS stakeholders to strengthen SMEs' digitisation

  • WPT2 - The implementation of the Alpine Digital Innovation Hub to boost smart innovation

D.T2.1.1 Setting up of the AS Digital Innovation HUB platform
D.T2.2.1 Expert meeting report
D.T2.2.2 “Toolset to strengthen the cooperation among AS Innovation stakeholders for the SMEs smart innovation” 
D.T2.2.3 Service concept to promote joint cooperation to develop projects addressed to SMEs
D.T2.2.4 Service concept to support Policy Makers to create PPPs to fill in digital gap in the Alpine Area
D.T2.3.1 Elaboration of the training process addressed to Intermediary Organization
D.T2.3.3 Training modules development
D.T2.3.4 Clusters' guidance
D.T2.3.5 Assessment tool to monitor Intermediaries' competence
D.T2.4.1 Coaching methodology to assist SMEs in their digital innovation process
D.T2.4.3 “Guideline for SMEs to get access to private and public finance”

  • WPT3 - Implementing actions to strengthen the ASA

D.T3.1.1 A toolkit to guide manufacturing companies towards digitalization
D.T3.1.1 Smart space Study visit Milan
D.T3.1.1 Business experiments in Cyber Physical Production System
D.T3.1.2 Innovation methods
D.T3.1.2 Expert Session Smart Space
DT3.2.1 - Guideline to implement the pilot actions addressed to the users 
DT3.2.2 - KPIs and monitoring system for the piloting activities