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What is the SMART-SPACE Platform?

The Alpine Space Digital Innovation Hub is supported by the Alpine Space SMART-SPACE Project, which promotes, amongst all other service, also an integrated IT platform for Alpine Space users. The platform is conceived as a one-stop-shop to enhance the cooperation of the Alpine Space manufacturing innovation ecosystem, strengthen and support SMEs in the Digital Innovation Processes in order to increase their competitiveness.

The objective of the platform is to establish a powerful and strategic innovation environment to gather and optimize local and European initiatives on topics of common interest, increasing their impact and effectiveness, and to provide stakeholders (SMEs, Intermediaries and Policy Makers) with a set of common instruments and tools not available at a local level, building transnational networks for Alpine Space growth and eco-innovation

The Platform is representing the entry point to a powerful interregional network of innovation stakeholders, that will benefit from a set of tools and services conceived to support Policy Makers, Intermediaries and SMEs in undertaking the digitization path and increase the competitiveness of the Alpine Space area, building up the so-called “Alpine Space Digital Hub”.

What you will find in the Platform?

The platform is a collaborative environment where SMEs, Intermediaries and Policy Makers can cooperate and leverage on services specifically developed by SMART-SPACE project.

In particular, the SMART-SPACE Hub will give you the access to:

  • Dedicated COMMUNITIES, where stakeholders can interact and have access to events, training courses, tools and other interesting material according their needs.
  • PROPOSAL OF COLLABORATION shared among innovation stakeholders according to their common topic of interests.
  • EVENTS to increase awareness, skills and competences, targeted according to the type of stakeholders and field of interest.
  • DISCUSSIONS where users can share ideas, provide their feedbacks and opinions.

Why joining the SMART-SPACE Platform?

  • SMEs: Succeed digital transformation of your business! You need to identify best practices from other companies in your business in European regions from Alpine Space? You need to identify the right partners, the experts to do it? You need to identify potential sources of funding?  Be actor of our platform!
  • INTERMEDIARIES: Want to be a key accelerator to help SME’s to succeed digital transformation of their business?  Being actor in our platform will allow you to have a fast training to understand the issues of Industry 4.0 and a benchmark of best practices from other European regions and you will access some tools to support an industrial change management.
  • POLICY MAKERS: “Do you want to best address the challenges of the industry 4.0 in your policies and support your Region in the industrial digital evolution? Join our platform and you can share and learn on best practices, connect with Alpine Space policy makers for new digitization actions. With the platform you will also increase your capacity to exploit existing resources for cooperation and relevant funding instruments, to build European cooperation on this subject and have the opportunity to share with other policy makers.” 

    Please visit Smart Space Hub platform ob the following link

Transnational collaboration call supporting Digital transformation in medium and small enterprises

Invitation for collaboration supporting Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation Program in SMEs


SMART-SPACE is an Interreg Alpine space funded project aiming at fostering digitalization processes in Alpine Space SMEs thus tackling economic, social and environmental challenges in Alpine Space SMEs and societies. The goal of the SMART-SPACE project is to promote an innovative environment in the processes of Smart factories, Industry 4.0, and digitalization as well as to stimulate introduction of these processes. The most important part of SMART-SPACE is to implement and test developed approaches in real life environments stimulating digitalization processes and transnational approaches.

The main purpose of the pilot activities related to the introduction of digital transformation is using the developed toolset to support digitalization processes and promote the knowledge on specific digital matters (IoT, Clouds, Big Data, Robotics, 3D Printing, etc), with the focus on overall change in business models, processes, productivity, logistics and improved customer relationship in companies.

Thus, this transnational call is aimed at involving a large pool of experts interested in fostering collaboration to support digitalization processes in SMEs in all involved regions. The experts will benefit from mentoring and collaboration opportunities with the Alpine space SMEs based also on available partners’ renumeration capabilities.


The pilot actions in SMART-SPACE project are targeting: cluster managers, entrepreneurs, and ultimately SMEs. To reach the Alpine vision actions targeting SMEs are adjusted to specifics of each involved region. However, it is important to provide transnational experiences and support to optimally solve or assist each involved SMEs, as challenges faced by SMEs are transnational and collaboration opportunities should be transnational to foster attainment of joint Alpine vision.  Also looking from the innovation point of view transfer of experiences, marketable innovations and products should be tested and verified in the Alpine Space.


In various panels, workshops and individual mentorships, experts will together with SMEs develop/review/implement parts of digital transformation plans and digital strategies for companies.

The purpose of pilot projects and training is in general to (whereas specific local calls might address specific actions):

  • Evaluate the current state of digitisation readiness and needs in specific SMEs.
  • Determine the impact of digital transformation on key business functions in each SME.
  • Make a digital transformation plan at the level of an individual SME and an action plan approaching digital transformation, digital organization and management.
  • Foster transnational collaboration between innovative SMEs in Alpine space, between experts and SMEs as well as research institutions and SMEs in the Alpine space.
  • Present trends in digital technologies and products, digital platforms, the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and its main building blocks.
  • Present the importance of introducing digitization, in production, organization and sales processes.
  • Strengthen the exchange of innovative digital transformation practices in SMEs and industry in the regions of the Alpine region.
  • Establish the development of a business process digitalisation methodology to develop a system of process performance indicators and design innovative business models.

More than 30 thematic workshops and matchmaking events, and over 205 SME assisted to develop new products/service/business models, should be reached in all Alpine space regions after the completion of implementation of pilot activities.

The following indicators should be reached in each region after the completion of implementation of pilot activities:


Please send your applications by 1.4.2019 at the latest but as early as possible, in order to be involved from the very start.


Application for Experts

If you want to register as an international expert, please fill the form bellow.  After we will receive your application, you will be contacted form our regional partners, requesting to send us your CV with highlighting experiences in digitization processes and specifications related to which manufacturing sectors are you experienced in. Please note the data will be kept strictly for the purposes of the expert engagement within SMART SPACE and will not be used for any other processes with the GDPR rules and stipulations strictly followed. Please note that the call is restricted to Alpine space and Baden-Württemberg region and that the preference is given to the institutions with an academic focus.


















Email address:



Tax number:



Number of employees:



Turnover in € :



Motivation description highlighting experiences in digitization process in manufacturing sectors[1] (max 1500 characters):



Sum of digitisation projects implemented and number of supported SMEs:



Specification manufacturing sectors:



Please select area where you have most experience in the field of digitalization

​- Digital transformation / digitisation readiness assessment
- New Business plans setup
- Digital organization and management.
- Human resources - including new competences


- IoT / Clouds,
- Big Data,
- I4.0
- Robotics,
- 3D Printing - Additive manufacturing
- Cybersecurity
- VR/AR and Wearable Devices
- Artificial Intelligence
- Smart sensors
- Simulation/Digital Twins
- E-office/non paper work
- E-commerce / Digital marketing
- Other



Transnational experience and references especially in the Alpine space (number of projects)


Link to the online application form >>


The following selection process steps will be respected:

  1. Submission of full questionnaire and CV, respecting the required content
  2. Evaluation process based on the following criteria

Criteria for experts:


Presentation of experts and description of the motivation is clearly described and relevant for achievement of the Alpine vision:

  • YES
  • NO

Years of experience:

  • 2
  • 5
  • 6+

Number of digitalization projects in SMEs implemented:

  • Less than 5
  • 5-10
  • 11+

Transnational experience in digitalization processes:

  • 0
  • 3
  • 5

Institution/experts with an academic focus

  • YES
  • NO


  1. Based on received applications a transnational panel of evaluators will evaluate received applications once monthly. A list of experts will be upgraded each month and recommendations for inclusion of experts will be formed. List of selected expert will be available online at and on SMART SPACE HUB platform  

The results of collaboration will be published in forms of press releases.

  1. Please note all data will be processed and is considered with the outmost discretion, respect of privacy laws GDPR and in consideration of privacy statements. If there are parts of the application form that are specifically sensitive, please mark them as sensitive data.