Smart digital transformation of villages in the Alpine Space


Local heroes are everywhere – in every community, region, in every (European) country. Their work has a great impact.

Local heroes are among us: be it the mayor, the owner of a mountain shelter, member of some community association or local yoga teacher. All of them can hold a vital role in our community. Their most important superpower is the ability to influence decisions, improve conditions and affect the quality of life with their daily actions. Thanks to those actions communities can become even smarter.

Do you want to meet our local heroes? Do you wonder what are their passions and dreams? Read our interviews and find some inspiration!

Local Heroes

"Digital in our lives ?"

A video as a testimony, realized with Royans inhabitants in the frame of SmartVillages project by Bruno Allès. It integrates a presentation of "Possibles Place" ("La Place des Possibles"), initiative handled by Les Tracols organization from St-Laurent en Royans.

Credits :
ADRETS, Alpine Space Smart Villages project, realization Bruno Allès, license CC-By-SA 4.0

Interviewed persons :
Anne Rivet - Les Tracols organization, "La Place des Possibles" manager
Jean-Pierre Béraldin - Les Tracols organization, president
Anne, Royans inhabitant
Francis, Royans inhabitant
Claire, Royans inhabitant
Samantha, Royans inhabitant
Romain, Vercors inhabitant

Interview to Janja Viher from Kungota

Janja Viher is a local from Kungota.  She is  engaged with leading and coordinating activities of Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and acts as a vice president of the Styrian tourist association.

Interview to Andrej Medved

Andrej is  the chairman of management board of Local Action Group (LAG) Istre and he is a real local hero and facilitator in local community.

Interview to Ludvik Nazarij Glavina

Ludvik Nazarij Glavina comes from a long line of winemakers. His estate is expanded above the Istrian village of Šmarje. Santomas Estate is an outcome of his vision for the future and respect for the work of his ancestors.