• [REVIEW PAPER] The Impact of Building Occupant Behavior on Energy Efficiency and Methods to Influence It: A Review of the State of the Art

    By Antonio Paone and Jean-Philippe Bacher (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland—Fribourg, HEIA-FR—Institute for Applied Research in Energy Systems, Bd. de Pérolles 80, CP32, CH-1705 Fribourg, Switzerland)

  • [TESTIMONY] Sabeur REDISSI, teacher at Lycée Condorcet, Saint Priest, France

    Since 2017, I'm part of the THE4BEES project with my students. After a time of sensitization, we have now installed electric consumption sensors and sensor boxes to measure temperature, humidity, light, CO2 and particles. We are testing the dashboard where the data is visualized, for us as well as for the other users of the classrooms.

  • [FRANCE] AURA-EE presented the project to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region

    The project was presented to the Region on 28/02/18 as part of regular meetings organized between AURA-EE and the agents of the Region.

  • Dashboard and analysis workshop at Borg Oberndorf school - Austria

    Caroline, Bernhard and Robert (from Research Studios Austria) did a parallel session workshop on 20th February with two classes on the analysis of the data gathered from October to February at the BORG Oberndorf school.

  • CClab Piemonte has officialy started the Trial Phase with its users at Chalet della Luna !

    During 2 weeks, 2 groups of almost 120 students from School Peano, Cuneo, will collaborate with CSI Piemonte during their stay at the Chalet.