Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation


  • InduCult2.0: Final Conference

    InduCult2.0 is an INTERREG transnational project (Central Europe) funded by the ERDF, tackling issues in several industrial regions by implementing Industrial Culture as an innovative development approach. Naja Marot and Manca Krošelj attends the event in Zwickau (DE) to promote trAILs.

  • TUW-students workshop at Eisenerz

    On the 14th and 15th of March, the TU Wien team organized a student workshop in Eisenerz. The aim of the workshop was to get to know the pilot site and the municipality as well as the local conditions and challenges. In addition to visiting the site, together with a representative of the owners of the Alumelt / Pilkington Hall, a discussion round with local and regional stakeholders in the town hall of Eisenerz was on the program in the afternoon. Participants were Mr. Mag. Iraschko as representative of the municipality Eisenerz, Mr. Altrichter as representative of the owners, Mr. Eppensteiner from Pumpernig & Partner ZT GmbH, the local planner of Eisenerz and Gerfried Tiffner from VESTE (Verein Steirische Eisenstraße).

  • Research Seminar on trAILs at Polytechnic University of Milan

    On 20.02.2019, at the Polytechnic University of Milan, a team of researchers from the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU) has met the project manager from the Technical University of Munich and the project representative from the University of Verona to discuss potential approaches and strategies to support trAILs activities.

  • First design inputs for the Italcementi site of Borgo San Dalmazzo

    On 4.02.2019, at the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscapes of the Technical University of Munich, the Bachelor students of landscape architecture have presented their visions and plans for the future of the Italcementi site in Borgo San Dalmazzo.

  • trAILs meeting in Eisenerz and first site visit to the AT pilot

    On January 24th-25th the whole trAILs team met in Leoben-Eisenerz for the first site visit to the Austrian pilot site. On the first day, we reached Eisenerz and explored the former blast furnace site Münichtal with the support of local stakeholders (site owners and Mayor of Eisenerz).