Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation

Borgo San Dalmazzo, Piemonte

The pilot region is located in the Piedmont region (North-West of Italy). It includes the municipalities of Borgo San Dalmazzo, Roccavione, Robilante, Roaschia, Valdieri, Vernante, Limone Piemonte, Entracque. The territory is flat (concerning the municipality of Borgo San Dalmazzo) and mountainous (all other municipalities). It includes two alpine valleys (Gesso Valley and Vermenagna Valley) and extends for about 400 square kilometers with about 21.000 inhabitants. This area is characterized by the presence of many quarries and mines.

After the Second World War, some of the most important heavy industries in this area came into operation and the first settlement was the Italcementi Spa plant in Borgo San Dalmazzo. The pilot site includes the industrial plant owned by Italcementi Spa with its two quarries (“Terra Rossa” Quarry in Borgo San Dalmazzo and “Monte Cros” Quarry in Valdieri). Concerning Borgo San Dalmazzo, the “Terra Rossa” quarry is no more authorized and the industrial plant is used only as a grinding center (with less than 20 employees, while up to 30 years there were about 400 employees), while in Valdieri the quarry is authorized by the Regional Authority but there are no extraction activities at the moment.