Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation

Tržič, Gorenjska

The pilot case of Alpine industrial landscapes in transformation is for Gorenjska region (Slovenia) a disused complex of the former Cotton spinning and weaving mill of Tržič (BPT Co.) within the city of Tržič. With its size of 4,6 hectares it occupies almost half of the city center, making it a major environmental, spatial, economic and social challenge. Unique industrial architecture of the complex, which dates back to mid-19th century, presents important cultural value and development potential, but being protected as a cultural heritage is often seen also as an obstacle for revitalisation. After a long agony during two decades before and after textile production in BPT Co. ended in 2005 after 120 years. The municipality of Tržič started in 2010's to search actively, in partnership with the complex's private owner, for solutions. So far numerous key planning documents were prepared, and important and concrete renovations of margin areas and infrastructure were carried out. The main task now is to revitalize also core areas of the complex in a way that would give a new momentum to development of the wider city of Tržič, increase quality of life and preserve at least partly it's precious industrial heritage. As one of numerous disused (and degraded) zones around Gorenjska and Slovenia, successful transformation of BPT Co. could offer valuable solutions and experiences to resolve also their challenges.