Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation

Borgo San Dalmazzo - 5th meeting

On 27-28 June the trAILs team met in Borgo San Dalmazzo for the site visit on the Italian pilot site. On the first day, the project team guided by Gianpaolo Beretta, the Mayor of Borgo San Dalmazzo, and Daniela Risso, a local expert and planner, explored by foot the Italcementi site surroundings and by bus the Gesso valley. After a refreshing lunch on the panoramic top of the Monserrato hill, overlooking the Italcementi site, the team moved to the city hall of Borgo San Dalmazzo for an intensive and fruitful roundtable session with key local stakeholders, such as the Mayor of Valdieri and the head of urban planning of Borgo San Dalmazzo, besides the two representatives already met in the morning tour. The roundtable helped the project partners to deepen their knowledge of the context and to get aware of the most important challenges related to the future of the cement plant site. The second and last day was dedicated to an internal project meeting, in which the next steps on the Italian pilot site foreseen within WP 2 and 3 have been planned and reviewed. The second meeting in Borgo San Dalmazzo will be the test-design workshop, taking place on 25-26-27 September 2019.

There are two articles from local newspapers about our event in Borgo San Dalmazzo. You can find them on following links: