Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation

Borgo San Dalmazzo - 6th meeting

On September 25-26-27, the project team met in Valdieri, at the headquarters of the Regional Park “Alpi Marittime”, for the second test-design workshop on the former Italcementi site of Borgo San Dalmazzo. The workshop is a milestone activity of Work Package T3 (Test AILs) and aims to develop, together with local and regional stakeholders and observers, a strategic vision for the future of the former industrial site. The workshop builds on the thematic assessments done by the project partners as well as on the preparation activities carried on by the regional partner, the Regional Development Agency LAMORO.

On the first day, besides a steering group meeting, the project team reviewed and discussed the input material for the workshop. This consisted in the thematic assessments for the site and the region (spatial and landscape planning framework), socio-economic trends, environmental situation, policy framework), the video-interviews to local stakeholders and the students projects from TUM and POLIMI. The day was concluded as usual with a team networking dinner.

On the second day, 26 stakeholders and observers joined the workshop venue in the morning. After being welcomed by the regional partner and the lead partner, they were introduced to the project team. The morning session was organized around three thematic tables (spatial development, environment and socio-economics), around which the stakeholders and the project partners discussed and shared their insights on the future transformation of the site and its impact on the regional scale. The results of each table were synthesized and visually translated by a team of professional workshop facilitators. In the afternoon, the thematic results were presented by each working team in a plenary session, thus receiving an immediate feedback by the other stakeholders and experts. At the end of the day, a set of key issues for the future transformation of the site emerged from the roundtable discussion: these will form the planning recommendation for the pilot site.

The third and last day was dedicated to an internal discussion and preliminary evaluation of the stakeholders involvement, as well as to the identification of the main outputs to be transferred to the stakeholders within a few weeks.