Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation

EISENERZ – 4th meeting

On May 6-7-8, the project team met in Eisenerz for the first test-design workshop on the former Münichtal blast furnace site. Being the key activity of Work Package T3 (Test AILs), the workshop aims to develop, together with local and regional stakeholders, a vision for the future oft he site. The workshop builds on the previous assessments done by the research partners, as well as on the preparation activities carried on by the regional partner Registered association Styrian Iron Route and the Technical University of Vienna.

On the first day, the project team head up to the site for a short visit to the former power station area and the slag heap, accompanied by personnel from Primaras company. After that, the team went back to the workshop room and the research partners presented the results of their thematic assessments. In this framework, the Technical University of Vienna presented the results of the students workshop (held in Eisenerz in mid March). A roundtable discussion then followed, focusing on how to combine and present the results to the stakeholders on the next day. The fruitful first day was concluded as usual with a team networking dinner.

On the second day, the invited stakeholders reached the workshop venue in the morning. After being welcomed by the regional partner and the lead partner, they were introduced to the project team. Twelve representatives from the Municipality of Eisenerz, the Regional Government of Styria, the Alumelt company, the Graz and Leoben Universities and local associations joined were present. The morning session proceeded then with an intensive roundtable discussion and confrontation, organized in three interdisciplinary working groups moderated by the Technical University of Vienna. After lunch, each working group joined again together to review the outcomes of the morning discussion and to prepare the posters. These were then presented by the group moderators in a plenary session and openly questioned. A final roundtable was dedicated to identify the connections between the outcomes of the three working groups. To end up, the project team enjoyed a nice dinner on the shores of the beautiful Leopoldsteiner lake.

On the third and last day, the project team discussed end evaluated the outcomes of the stakeholders day. The roadmap for the preparation of the workshop outputs was also set. In the afternoon, the PSG meeting took place to discuss communication strategies with regards to the workshop follow-up as well as the next steps towards the Italian pilot activities.