Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation

L'Argentière-la-Bessée/La-Roche-de-Rame - 8th meeting

On February 11-12-13, the project team met in L’Argentière-la-Bessée (Hautes-Alpes) to join the third test-design workshop, this time focused on the future development of the former Pechiney industrial site. The workshop is a milestone activity of WP T3 (Test AILs), as it aims to identify, together with local and regional stakeholders and observers, a set of agreed key planning elements for the future of the brownfield site. The workshop builds on the thematic assessments done by scientific project partners as well as on the preparation activities carried on by the regional partner, the CAUE 84 (supported by CAUE 05).

The first day was dedicated, as usual, to review and discuss the input materials for the workshop. The thematic assessments (spatial and landscape planning, environment, socio-demographics, economics, policies) were presented by each responsible project partner, and interdisciplinary working groups for the next day were formed. A steering group meeting took place aside.

On the second day, 20 stakeholders and observers joined the workshop venue in the morning. After being welcomed by the lead partner and the regional partner, they were introduced to the project team and informed with the preliminary results (thematic assessments and test-designs). After lunch, the stakeholders and the project partners joined three interdisciplinary working groups to discuss the test-design and identify planning priorities. The day ended with the presentations of the outcomes from the group discussion and their synthesis, which will form the planning recommendations for the site.

The third day was dedicated to an internal feedback session on the experience and the wrap-up of the workshop results. Further activities to be planned in the region were also presented by the hosting partner CAUE 84.