Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation

Co-design workshop Tržič (SLO pilot)

On 14. and 15. September 2020 the trAILs team implemented the virtual co-design workshop in the last pilot site - the BPT industry in Tržič, Slovenia. The collaboration between online project partners and workshop room in Tržič with the stakeholders, was a good experience.

On the 14th September – the workshop day, UL and BSC Kranj lead the activities with local stakeholders involved in the site transformation. After Mr. Sajovic - mayor’s welcome, participants presented themselves. Prof. Udo Weilacher made the short overview about the trAILs project, then scientific project partners summed the assessments results. TUM presented students scenarios for pilot site transformation. Participants also watched the pilot site video, titled “Water was for power, now is for drinking”. Then stakeholders started with virtual workshop and explained their views about the regeneration of the area. Following local acters were involved in discussion: Municipality of Tržič – Mr. Babić and Mrs. Rekelj; BPT site owner representative – Mrs. Habjan; Museum of Tržič – Mr. Knific; Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation – Mrs. Subic and Mr. Rogelj; Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship of Slovenia – Mrs. Žagar; Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Mrs. Švarc; Public Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for the Protection of Cultural Heritage – Mrs. Vesel, Mr. Grobovšek and Mrs. Ulen; Slovenia Forest Service – Mrs. Brejc and Mr. Logar; Employment Chamber of Slovenia – Mr. Perc and School Centre Kranj – Mrs. Kristan.

On the second day, 15th September, project partners discussed the results of the co-designed workshop (conclusion, remarks). They updated the status of WP T1, T2 and T3. The PP have already submitted 4 reports, the project has moved into the second half, so they also had to review the financial situation of the project. The PSG ended with the plans for future project work, realisation of activities on WP T4, with an emphasis on preparation of the projects’ handbook.