Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation

Work packages

Work Package T1 - Map AILs: data collection, harmonization and transfer into webGIS

The aim of this Work Package is the collection and harmonization of existing regional/national data about former industrial sites in the Alpine Space (AILs database), typologization and transfer into a GIS web-based visualization system. In addition, a preparatory work on the four pilot sites is launched: Eisenerz in Austria, Borgo San Dalmazzo in Italy, L’Argentière-la-Bessée in France and Tržič in Slovenia.

Work Package T2 - Assess AILs: assessment procedure (pilot-based)

This Work Package will develop and test a procedure for the comprehensive assessment of AILs, by actively working on the pilot sites and the surrounding region. For each of them, the project team will assess key issues such as current spatial and landscape features, environmental conditions and threats, socio-economic dynamics and regional/local policies for brownfield regeneration. This process includes intensive fieldwork and will generate an AILs Assessment Tool as main output.

Work Package T3 - Test AILs: co-design procedure (pilot-based)

This Work Package will develop an innovative co-design procedure for AILs transformation through the active involvement of local and regional stakeholders. A core activity of this process is a test-design workshop held in each of the pilot sites, in which the project team together with local and regional stakeholders, observers and external experts will develop a shared transformation scenario for the site.

Work Package T4 - Manage AILs: knowledge transfer and capacity building

The last Work Package will focus on the transfer of the project generated-knowledge to end-users at different levels. Besides a project final conference, in which the project results will be shared with observers and stakeholders from all over the Alpine region, a Knowledge Exchange Platform and a Learning Module will be also established and produced.