The role of pilot sites in the development of the Alpine School Model

Every pilot site is made up of a school and a protected area. The pilot sites will design, implement and evaluate innovative approaches in the framework of the draft Alpine School Model. Through pilot actions, Mountain Oriented Education (MOE) approaches and contents will be analysed and then integrated in the ASM in order to validate a curriculum.
The 10-month implementation period will be followed by a six-month evaluation that will be performed by youth, teachers and experts together.

List of selected pilot sites

Pilot site 1 - Germany Bavarian Alps
  • Gymnasium Berchtesgaden  - High school 
  • Berchtesgaden National Park - National Park 
Pilot site 2- Austria Burgenland
  • Volksschule und Neue Mittelschule Rechnitz  - Elementary and middle school
  •  Nature park Geschriebenstein -  Nature Park
Pilot site 3- Austria Burgenland
  • All nature park schools and nature park kindergarten of Nature park Rosalia-Kogelberg
  •  Nature park Rosalia-Kogelberg - Nature park
Pilot site 4 - France , Haute- Savoie
  • Collège André Corbet - School
  • Natural Reserve Sixt-Passy - ASTERS - Nature Park
Pilot site 5 - France, Savoie
  • EPLEFPA Reinach - High School And Vocational School
  • FFCAM - Savoy committee, Parc Naturel Régional du Massif des Bauges, ONF - Savoy local agency  
Pilot site 6 - Italy , Brescia
  • Istituto D 'Istruzione Superiore "Olivelli-Putelli" - High school
  • Sezioni Associate: Itcg "T. Olivelli" - Ipssar" R. Putelli" - Liceo Scientifico "Darfo"  - School
  •  Parco dell'Adamello - Nature Park
Pilot site 7 - Italy, Bergamo
  • Azienda Bergamasca Formazione/CFP Clusone - School
  • Parco delle Orobie Bergamasche  - Nature park
Pilot site 8 - Italy, Sondrio
  • Istituto Tecnologico di Agraria, Agroalimentare e Agroindustria - High school
  • Parco delle Orobie Valtellinesi - Nature Park
Pilot site 9 - Italy Sondrio
  • Damiani Secondary School
  • Parco delle Orobie Valtellinesi - Nature park
Pilot site 10 - Italy Sondrio
  • Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Alberti - High school
  • Stelvio National Park
Pilot site 11 - Italy Sondrio
  • Istituto Comprensivo "MARTINO ANZI" - Elementary and middle school
  • Stelvio National Park
Pilot site 12 - Italy Brescia
  • Liceo scientifico statale “ANNIBALE CALINI” - High school
  • Parco dell'Adamello - Nature park
Pilot site 13 - Italy Brescia
  • Liceo scientifico "ENRICO FERMI", SALÒ - High school
  • Parks of Alto Garda Bresciano
Pilot site 14 - Slovenia, Gorenjska
  • Biotechnical Centre Naklo - High school
  • Triglav National Park