The Alpine School Model’s (ASM) aim is to raise awareness about Alpine natural and cultural values by:

  • Designing an innovative educational approach based on more interconnected, formal and non-formal territorial educational systems and orienting its methodological and organisational bases to education for sustainable development (ESD) and MOE model,
  • Promoting youth participation in the political, social and economic life of the Alps,  in particular “…fostering green skills with further development of training and academic programs” (Alpine Convention’s Sixth Report on the State of the Alps).



The Alpine School Model is a governance tool whose end purpose is to:

  • Be a recognized reference for specific values, aims and educational criteria,
  • Codify procedures to better coordinate formal and non-formal education,
  • Improve exchange within a specific network,
  • Valorise schools within specific certification procedures.


The Alpine School Model has been extensively described in the "Common document on the shared principles"

This manual represents the 'state of the art' of the Alpine School Model, which is described in its details. The topics covered are the following:

  • Alpine School Model principles framework, including the goals and the pedagogical framework;
  • Alpine School Model structure and elements, here the 7 criteria characterising the model are explained;
  • Alpine School Model examples, explaining how the model has been tested in pilot sites;
  • Alpine School Model certification process, displaying the steps to follow in the certification;
  • Alpine School Model educational toolkit, providing for interactive and innovative educational material.


The Alpine School Model has been positively tested in 14 pilot sites

From the theoretical model of the ASM to practice:

  • How was the model implemented?
  • What were the activities carried out in the pilot sites?
  • How students have been involved in the activities?

This Report answers to all these and other questions on the test phase of the ASM.

Alpine School Model (ASM) Certification Toolkit includes information related to:
  • Procedures and standards to be followed during the ASM Certification process;
  • Project requirements that have to be respected in the Certification process planning and implementation;
  • Evaluation criteria.