Period 1 deliverables

 In this session you can find the deliverables of the Period 1:
1.1 Collection of good practices
1.2 Status quo analysis report on MOE (D.T2.1.1)
1.3 Charter of OurAlps international network
1.4 List of discussion OurAlps
1.5 Webplatform OurAlps (D.T1.2.2)
1.6 YOUrALPS project logo (D.C.1.3)

1.1 Collection of good practices

This paper is a collection of good practice examples of mountain oriented education in France, Italy, Slovenia, Germany and Austria. It shows the wide variety of different approaches to mountain oriented education: from the organizational framework, the involvement of partners from different sectors to practical implementation, various forms of mountain oriented education are represented.

Download YOUrALPS report on good practices 2017

1.2 Status quo analysis report on MOE (D.T2.1.1)

This “Status quo analysis report” provides both scientific insights about Mountain-Oriented Education (MOE) from multiple perspectives and an overview of current practical implementation examples.
It includes methodology, results and conclusions of several surveys as well as a comprehensive collection of MOE practices throughout the Alps.
The overall aim is to identify success factors and recommendations for the implementation of MOE in the Alpine space and beyond.
It consists of five major pillars:
An internal survey among all project partners about their perceptions and concepts of MOE is a first step towards a common understanding of MOE
The most relevant questions emerged from the previous Chapter are included in a survey for young beneficiaries (10-30 years old) who are the main target group of the activities
A second survey addressing practitioners in formal and non-formal education sectors presents the perspective of educators
This part is completed by a survey involving stakeholders from NGOs, legacy, protected areas and other domains who are currently key decision-makers in the field
A collection of best practice examples of MOE from France, Italy, Slovenia, Germany and Austria providing an overview of the status-quo in terms of practical implementation

1.3 Charter of OurAlps International Network

This is a first operational version of the Charter for OurAlps, the International Network of Mountain-oriented Education in the Alps and it is conceived to be expanded throughout the duration of the YOUrALPS project.

The aims of this document are:

- to define the values shared within the network

- to clarify the aims of the network and its operating procedures

- to be a reference tool for the actors of the network

The Charter is divided in four parts. After outlining the General Context of Mountain-oriented Education (MoE) in the Alps, the Charter describes what the network OurAlps is, who are the actors and subjects involved and what are the objectives it is meant to achieve. The documents also gives some information about the operational organisation of the network and its relations with other actors, subjects and bodies within each country of the Alps and on the international level. The last part of the Charter will be completed during 2019 with strategic perspectives of how the network will evolve in 2020-2025.

1.4 List of Discussion OurAlps

A list of discussion is a system allowing several people to exchange messages through a single e-mail address. The list of discussion for OurAlps are drawn up to promote the flow of information and exchanges between Alpine actors. They can be general, for working groups, sorted by publics, by topics, etc. They are open to any interested local actor or can be dedicated to an internal working group. 
At the moment, the alpine network OurAlps manages 4 external lists of discussion (and 1 internal):
As alpine stakeholders or young people, if you are interested in joining one list or more, please contact the

1.5 Webplatform OurAlps (D.T1.2.2)

Link to Webplatform OurAlps:

1.6 YOUrALPS project logo (D.C.1.3)