Carbon Smart Communities


Unfortunately, the processing chains in the timber industry considerably contribute to climate change, due to high CO2-emissions. The CaSCo project exploited the potential for the reduction of CO2-emissions in the timber industry: it visualized the impact of low carbon material flows of timber products on the climate, developed and established policy guidelines and provided decision makers with steering instruments to actively trigger climate friendly timber products. By doing so, the project could highlight the so far disregarded sustainability aspect in public construction and procurement. Public bodies, in selected pilot areas, implemented the established tools for their procurement strategy and could thereby prove the feasibility and success of the approach.


  • 2014 – 2020
  • Low carbon
  • Establish transnationally integrated low carbon policy instruments
    • Group 2: To increase the economic potential of strategic sectors
    • Group 9: To make the territory a model region for energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • 11/2016
  • 04/2020
  • 2.291.187 EUR
  • 1.947.509 EUR


BSC, Business Support Centre Ltd, Kranj (Lead partner)
  • Lead partner
  • Slovenia
  • Zahodna Slovenia
  • Kranj
    Holz von Hier non profit organization
    • Germany
    • Oberfranken
    • Creußen
        Climate Alliance
        • Germany
        • Extra-Regio NUTS 2
        • Frankfurt am Main
            Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Énergie-Environnement
            • France
            • Rhône-Alpes
            • Villeurbanne
                Development agency Sinergija
                • Slovenia
                • Vzhodna Slovenia
                • Moravske Toplice
                    Local action group “strength offering villages in the Joglland”
                    • Austria
                    • Steiermark
                    • Strallegg
                        Environment Park S.p.A.
                        • Italy
                        • Piemonte
                        • Torino
                            • Slovenia
                            • Vzhodna Slovenia
                            • Ptuj
                                Regional Development Vorarlberg eGen
                                • Austria
                                • Vorarlberg
                                • Alberschwende
                                    Mountain Union of the Municipalities of Valsesia
                                    • Italy
                                    • Piemonte
                                    • Varallo Sesia
                                        Environment Protection Agency for the Piedmont Region
                                        • Italy
                                        • Piemonte
                                        • Torino
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                                            • 49.8840608511.606567544810872
                                            • 50.117673858.636413400398371
                                            • 45.77107124.8640858
                                            • 46.685799916.2216892
                                            • 47.411729915.72315
                                            • 45.08912817.6702646
                                            • 46.41779384999999515.874832466351261
                                            • 47.450288959.83085872426787
                                            • 45.81388898.2550573
                                            • 45.02936637.6549305


                                            • Low Carbon Timber Toolkit

                                              A toolkit for planners and decision makers to identify timber products with extra low carbon footprint and to ease the usage and implementation in construction and procurement.

                                            • Low Carbon Timber toolkit: Environmental product label - A comparison

                                              The publication enables planners and architects to better assess various aspects of sustainability of products and construction materials at an early stage of the planning process. Thus it sets the course for more sustainable buildings.

                                            • CaSCo guide: "Contracts Incorporating Low Carbon Timber"

                                              The guide "Contracts Incorporating Low Carbon Timber" aims to support local authorities to include wood from short supply chains into their public tenders.
                                              The document explains every stage of the process and offers:
                                              • Recommendations regarding main challenges to include carbon from short supply chains at each stage of the  renovation or construction project
                                              • Tips for writing your documents and tenders
                                              • Explainations how to use of the CaSCo's toolkit at various stages

                                            • CaSCo training concept

                                              This document is aimed to provide the framework for the capacity building and training activities related to the promotion of Low Carbon Timber in Alpine Space regions.