Project Lifecycle


Programme manual

The programme manual provides (potential) project participants with all the information needed to develop, implement and close a project within the Interreg Alpine Space programme.

It is a handy tool with concise information and guidance on the different aspects to be observed during each phase of the project life cycle.

However, the programme manual does not replace any other documents, and we invite participants to study carefully the cooperation programme, the EU-structural funds regulations and other relevant information provided by the Partner State in which they are situated.

Content of the programme manual


Generation and application


Contractual arrangements


Communication (available later)


Implementation (available later)


Project closure (available later)

Content of the annexes


Application form guidance


Selection criteria


Partnership agreement template


Subsidy contract template


The implementation of an Interreg Alpine Space project works like a contractual relationship between the lead partners and its project partners on the one hand, and between the project partnership as a whole and the managing authority on the other hand. The  partnership agreement constitutes  the  contractual  relationship  between  all  project  participants, whereas  the  subsidy  contract is  signed  between  the  lead partner  and  the  managing  authority.

You can find in the annexes to the programme manual the templates as well as rules to be observed for the set-up of both documents.

Communication (available later)

What you and your project partners have achieved thanks to cooperation and EU funding is great, let everyone know about it! 

Communication is key to the success of Alpine Space projects: it helps to build strong relationship between the organisations involved or benefitting from the project, creates new opportunities, supports the achievement of the project objectives and fosters the transfer of the project results to other organisations or regions.

Project partners should therefore integrate communication at the core of their project. Our project communication manual supports project applicants and managers in planning and carrying out their communication activities. All Alpine Space projects are required to develop a communication strategy, to support them in planning and implementing their communication activities strategically. The first part of the manual provides guidance on how this should be done. The second focuses on the formal requirements that all projects have to follow when implementing communication activities. As Alpine Space projects are co-financed by public funds, they must make their funding source public for transparency reasons.

In this page, project participants will be able to find guidance, tools and resources for the implementation of their communication strategy (available later).


In the programme manual, project managers and partners will be provided with information and guidance related to the implementation of their project, after approval and for the whole project duration (available later):

First level control manual

Public procurement

State aid

Project communication

Ownership of project outputs and intellectual property rights

Project changes



Project management

Further information on reporting and eligibility can be found in the FAQ – Frequently asked questions.


Project partners will find in the programme manual information on the process and the relevant steps to be taken by the lead partner (LP) once the project has reached the end date of its implementation (available later).