Fraud fight statement


Fraud fight

Protecting the financial interests of the European Union (EU) is a priority for the Alpine Space programme bodies to ensure that taxpayers’ money is put to best use.

Great efforts are consequently made at European, programme, and national level to avoid abuse, mistakes and fraud.

The Land of Salzburg, acting as Managing Authority of the Alpine Space programme, is – according to its administrative capacity – committed to protect the EU and public funds entrusted against fraud and corruption.

In addition to transparency in project selection, which ensures the targeted use of funding, various audit bodies (control bodies, administrative authorities, audit authorities) control the regular management of co-financed projects.

In case of suspected fraud or corruption, beneficiaries may turn to the administrative authority which initiates the further reporting procedure. Furthermore, the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) can be informed anonymously about fraud cases under the following link:


Fraud (Article K.3 of the Treaty on European Union, on the protection of the European Communities’ financial interests – OJ C 316 of 27.11.1995, p. 49.  ):

“‘fraud” affecting the European Communities’ financial interests shall consist of, in respect of expenditure, as any intentional act or omission relating to:

– the use or presentation of false, incorrect or incomplete statements or documents, which has as its effect the misappropriation or wrongful retention of funds from the general budget of the European Communities or budgets managed by, or on behalf of, the European Communities;

– non-disclosure of information in violation of a specific obligation, with the same effect;

– the misapplication of such funds for purposes other than those for which they were originally granted.”

Corruption (United Nations’ Global Programme against Corruption):

“abuse of position for personal gain”