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2021 – 2027

Collection of main documents, available for download


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Programme documents

The Programme Manual and other resources can be found at here.

2014 – 2020

Collection of main documents, available for download


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Programme documents

Cooperation Programme 2014 – 2020 (PDF)
The Cooperation Programme is the main document outlining the programme’s objectives and priorities. It has been developed upon agreement of the Partner States involved in the programme and has been formally approved by the European Commission.

Programme implementation handbook (PIH) 2014-2020
The full handbook for the implementation of projects in the period 2014-2020, including the annexes.

Publications and brochures

Alpine Space Flyer 2014-2020 (PDF)
An overview of the Interreg Alpine Space programme 2014-2020, its priorities and how to participate.

Cooperation Stories (PDF)
A brochure about the cooperation of the Interreg Alpine Space programme with EUSALP. Find information about how the projects 2014-2020 are supporting the Strategy.

Project briefs 2014-2020 (ZIP)
The project briefs are a first collection of project achievements. They were written by our Alpine Space Reporter as part of the Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) programme.

Made with Alpine Space (PDF)
As a transnational Interreg programme, we bring together project partners from different countries in the Alpine Space to jointly solve challenges beyond borders. #MadewithAlpineSpace takes you on a journey to discover ten good reasons for transnational cooperation in our programme area. The #MadewithAlpineSpace brochure sums up this journey and features some stories from our Alpine Space projects.

Interreg turns 30 (PDF)
A summary of the activities and projects highlighted at the occasion of the 30 years of Interreg in 2020.

Projects results 2014-2020 – An overview
Explore the solutions developed by the Alpine Space projects to make the Alps a better place!

Citizen Summaries 2014-2020 (ZIP)
The citizen summaries present the main information of the Annual Implementation Report (AIR) to the European Commission.

Programme evaluations

Strategy development project (2011-2013)
From mid 2011 to mid 2013, the Alpine Space programme ran a process for medium to long-term strategic orientation and priorities for the Alpine Space: the strategy development project. The outcomes of this project, which are presented in the final report, have served as an input to the development of the Cooperation Programme 2014-2020.

Strategy development project report (PDF)

Evaluation plan 2014-2020
The Alpine Space programme has defined its evaluation strategy with the aim to secure the programme’s effectiveness, efficiency and impact. The evaluation plan sets out the framework for the evaluations and their proper planning and implementation.

ASP evaluation plan 2014-2020

Strategic environmental assessment (SEA)
The SEA analyses the potential environmental impact of the Cooperation Programme. It presents the measures envisaged to reduce or offset any adverse effect on the environment and the monitoring measures put in place.
A monitoring exercise was carried out in 2019 as a follow-up to the first and second Strategic Environmental Assessment environmental reports from 2008 and 2013. The report available below examines both positive and negative environmental impacts in order to contribute to long term improvements of environmental sustainability of the future of the Alpine Space programme 2021-2027.

Strategic environmental assessment (ZIP)

Evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness: application and selection procedures
Half-way into its implementation, the Interreg Alpine Space programme aimed at understanding in how far its management settings are supporting the achievement of its goals. This evaluation assessed the efficiency and effectiveness of programme procedures, and whether they are fit for supporting the preparation, submission and selection of projects. The evaluation looked at the services offered to applicants, at the functions and interplay of programme bodies, and at their capacity to address the needs of applicants and select projects meeting high qualitative standards. It aimed at identifying areas of improvement or good practices in view of bettering the programme management and implementation in this 2014-2020 period. Findings from this evaluation report are also meant to improve the design of a future Alpine Space programme post 2020.

Evaluation of programme procedures – Executive summary

Evaluation of programme procedures – Final report (2017)

Evaluation of programme communication, effectiveness and stakeholder involvement
To complete the overview, the Alpine Space programme also examined the relevance and effectiveness of its communication and stakeholder involvement strategy. The focal points for this evaluation were to assess the consistency of the communication strategy with the programme overall objectives and to measure the efficiency of the programme in achieving its targets as well as in attracting the relevant stakeholders. Finally, this evaluation also fostered a better understanding of the different types of benefits gained by stakeholders through their involvement in approved projects, as well as the value they bring. The final report 2018 available below provides a complete overview of the conclusions of this evaluation.

Evaluation – Final report (2018)

Programme Impact Assessment
The impact assessment sought to determine how co-financed projects have contributed to the objectives of each funding priority. Alongside this, the evaluation takes stock of the benefits brought by projects to the programme area and EUSALP. Another implicit objective was to collect valuable insight for the design of the programme in the 2021-2027 period. The evaluation is split is two phases in order to cover projects from all calls for proposals.

Programme impact assessment – Phase 1 (2020)

Programme impact assessment – Phase 2 (2022)

2007 – 2013

Collection of main documents, available for download


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Programme documents

Operational Programme 2007-2013
The Operational Programme (approved on 20 September 2007 by the European Commission) set out the objectives, the strategies and the 3 priorities that had been defined by the partner states of the cooperation area “Alpine Space”. The Programme formed the basis for projects to be co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Operational Programme ASP (PDF)

Annex Operational Programme ASP (PDF)

(Partial) translations of the Operational Programme in the Alpine languages

Programme Operationnel FR (PDF)

OP Alpenraum (auszugsweise Übersetzung, Deutsch, PDF)

Publications and brochures

Portrait of the Alpine Space programme
Introduction to the Alpine Space programme 2007-2013. The brochure offers practical information on how to take part in the programme, how to apply and where to receive information.

Portrait Alpine Space Programme (PDF)

Portrait du Programme Espace Alpin (PDF)

The Alpine Space Tale
Chiara and Paul are two children who grow up together in the Alps. During their life, they benefit from the achievements of the Alpine Space projects. Read their story in the Alpine Space Tale.

Alpine Space Tale (PDF)

Alpine Space programme postcards
With this series of postcards, the Alpine Space programme showcases the main achievements of its more than 50 projects co-funded with European Regional Development Fund in the years 2007–2013. Learn about the contribution of each project to regional development in the Alpine Space at a glance!
The postcards are also available in Alpine languages! Go to “Alpine Space postcards in Alpine languages”.

ASP postcard introduction (PDF)

Call 01 postcards ALL

Call 02 postcards ALL

Call 03 postcards ALL

Call 04 postcards ALL

Call 05 postcards ALL

All postcards EN (ZIP)

Project results: Alpine Space postcards in Alpine languages


Carte postale présentant le programme Espace Alpin

ASP postcard FR

Présentation des résultats des projets

Postcards Call 1 – FR

Postcards Call 2 – FR

Postcards Call 3 – FR

Postcards Call 4 – FR

Postcards Call 5 – FR


Das Alpenraumprogramm im Postkartenformat

ASP postcard DE

Präsentation von abgeschlossenen Projekten

Postcards Call 1 – DE

Postcards Call 2 – DE

Postcards Call 3 – DE

Postcards Call 4 – DE

Postcards Call 5 – DE


Il Programma Spazio Alpino in una cartolina

ASP postcard IT

Cartoline di presentazione dei progetti

Postcards Call 1 – IT

Postcards Call 2 – IT

Postcards Call 3 – IT

Postcards Call 4 – IT

Postcards Call 5 – IT


Program Območje Alp skozi razglednice

ASP postcard SI

Predstavitev zaključenih projektov

Postcards Call 1 – SI

Postcards Call 2 – SI

Postcards Call 3 – SI

Postcards Call 4 – SI

Postcards Call 5 – SI

Programme evaluations

Strategy development process
From mid 2011 to mid 2013, the Alpine Space programme ran a process for medium to long-term strategic orientation and priorities for the Alpine Space.

SDP Final Report (PDF)
Full expert final report on strategy development of the Alpine Space (131 pages).

SPD Brochure (PDF)
including main results of the expert report, stakeholder perspectives and programme conclusions & outlook 2014+

Status of programme implementation
This document presents facts and figures concerning the status of implementation of the Alpine Space Programme.

ASP Status Programme Implementation 2013 (PDF)

ASP Status Programme Implementation 2012 (PDF)

The Alpine Space Programme Impact Assessment Report

ASP Impact Assessment Report (PDF)

Studies and reports

Alpine Space Mid-term Conference – “Land, projects and people”
The Alpine Space mid-term conference brochure offers information on the contents and the outcomes of the conference as well as close-ups on eight projects.

MidTermEvent – Land Projects People

MidTermEvent – Territoires Project Hommes

Alpine Space Expert Workshop – “Coping with Climate Change – Transnational Action in the Alps”
Climate Change has been addressed at the first of three Alpine Space Expert Workshops in Interlaken 4-5 May 2010. 100 experts examined how the economy, and tourism as a key sector, transport, energy, water and biodiversity are affected – all essential for the development of this region. Progressively increasing effects of climate change as projected also for the Alps necessitate an active exchange between all ongoing initiatives.

Climate Change Expert Workshop Report

Climate Change Expert Workshop Report (printable)

Alpine Space Forum: “Coping with Demographic Change”
Population development poses serious challenges, particularly in the Alps. What exactly constituted these challenges and how they could be met was highlighted in the course of the forum “Coping with Demographic Change” in Innsbruck, Austria, on 22nd and 23rd February 2011. The forum, which was organised by the EU Alpine Space Programme together with the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the State of Tyrol, was attended by approximately 120 experts from seven countries and the European Commission. The organisers’ intention was to encourage decision and policy makers in the Alpine region, by presenting them with facts and an intensive exchange of practical examples, to deal with the demographic development in a swift and determined manner.

Demographic Change Forum Report

Demographic Change Forum Report Print

Alpine Space Forum: “Pooling Potentials for Competitiveness”
With this last in a series of three thematic events, the Alpine Space Programme wanted to reinforce its contribution to the cross-cutting theme of competitiveness. 120 experts, practitioners and policy makers met in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 27 and 28 September 2011 to discuss how to stimulate cluster development and provide input to the ongoing policy debate. This event, hosted by the Slovenian Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planing was designed by the Alpine Space Programme to finely tune its own strategic orientation and to advance the ongoing policy debate.

Competitiveness Forum web (high res)

Competitiveness Forum web (low res)

“Eventletter” – Kick Off conference “Heading for Excellence”
Proceedings of the Alpine Space Kick Off conference “Heading for Excellence” on 19/20 June 2007 in St. Johann im Pongau, Austria.

Complete Report on the conference

2000 – 2006

Collection of main documents, available for download


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Programme documents

EC Interreg Guidelines Update (PDF)
Laying down guidelines for the Community Initiative INTERREG III. Update September 2004.

Community Initiative Programme Alpine Space (PDF)
Including the priorities of the eligible area subdivided into specific Measures, the description of the common management structures of the Programme and the financial resources available. Update December 2006.

Final Programme Complement (PDF)
Entering into the details of the Measures and the evaluation process, giving a clear description of the evaluation procedure and of the obligations linked to the project implementation. The PC supplies as well with more precise indications at Measure level as regards the eligible actions, the beneficiaries and the financing plan. Update February 2007.

Publications and brochures

“Bridging potential….”
The programme publication “Bridging potentials…” serves as a bridge between the two programming periods. It presents the gripping results of the Alpine Space projects 2000-2006.

IIIB Bridging potentials 01 (PDF)

IIIB Verbindungen schaffen (PDF)

IIIB Jeter des ponts 01 (PDF)

IIIB Graditi mostove (PDF)

IIIB Creare ponti 01 (PDF)

Project booklet
This booklet presents the collection of 58 approved projects of the Alpine Space Programme. You will discover the partnerships, the aims, the activities and foreseen achievement or already reached results of each of the projects.

The projects EN 01 (PDF)

Die Projekte DE 01 (PDF)

Les Projets FR 01 (PDF)

Projekti SI (PDF)

I Progetti IT 01 (PDF)


Studies and reports

ESPON – European Spatial Planning Observation Network (PDF)
Programme on the spatial development of an enlarging European Union

European Spatial Development Perspective (PDF)
Agreed at the informal Councils of Ministers responsible for Spatial Planning, in Potsdam 1999. Published by the European Commission.

CEMAT guiding principles (PDF)
Guiding principles for Sustainable Spatial Development of the European Continent (adopted in 2000 by the European Conference of Ministers responsible for Regional Planning – CEMAT)

Alpine Space Prospective Study
This study tackles the important question of future scenarios for the Alps, underlines key elements for long term transnational cooperation in the Alps and thereby gives concrete ideas for possible strategic projects.

ASPS Full Report Nov 05 -01 (PDF)
The Alpine Space Prospective Study was issued in November 2005. This report is composed of three chapters: the three distinct analyses , the results and findings of the analyses and the proposals for the Alpine Space in the next programming period 2007-2013.

ASPS Executive Summary November 2005 (PDF)
The main results of the Alpine Space Prospective Study are summarized in this Executive Summary.

Brochure Prospective Study 01 (PDF)
The brochure of the Prospective Study (2006) is the summary of the study the programme issued in 2005.